ARRI 120 Blimp

ARRI 120 Blimp motion pictures camera

Studio motion picture film camera from the estate of the late Austrian film producer Kurt Miksch used to shoot Austrian and German feature movies – among them 1959 “Die Halbzarte' starring Romy Schneider. The submarine-like blimp is made of aluminum and was originally constructed for a Arriflex 35 II with a 120m magazine. The noise of the camera is reduced to a minimum by a sophisticated combination of insulation materials and elastic seals. The equipment consists of a fully equipped blimp (no. 298) with cassette motor and matte box, Schneider Cinegon 1.8/18mm, tripod adapter, all in an aluminum carrying case.

A wonderful piece of film history!

Photo credit: © WestLicht Photographica Auction

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ARRI BL, 1975